Kri Edholm

Kri is the host of the Leadership Looks Like Podcast, Owner of Leadership Excursion Co., and Founder of Spark Women's Retreat. Kri is on a mission to shine a light on leaders in an effort to inspire others. 

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The Importance of Leadership

It only takes a few moments of speaking with Kri to understand her passion for leadership. She loves it because she feels like there's a science to it. It's tied to people, situations, and circumstance, none of which are predictable and there's always room for improvement. She believes that effective leadership is earned and as soon as you think you have it down, life throws you a curve ball, sending you right back into learning mode. Leadership can be humbling.

Kri spent 20 years working in the technology industry and 15 years serving as an EMT and mountain rescue volunteer. She saw first-hand how leadership impacted both business and any mission she was on. She witnessed poor leadership bring down companies or prolong rescue missions and effective leadership lift teams to new heights. In many cases, the difference between success and failure boiled down to leadership.

In all of this, Kri noticed one leadership trait that the most effective and respected leaders possessed and it had to do with visibility. Most leaders do what they do without anyone knowing.

Kri launched the Leadership Looks Like Podcast in June 2017 with a mission to give leaders a platform to tell their story, share their challenges, and be an inspiration to others. She also wanted to show that leaders come from all different backgrounds, ages, races, religions, sizes, etc. When chaos ensues and the dust settles, the leader that emerges probably doesn't look like what is expected -- and that's what is so beautiful about leadership.

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On a Mission

Kri Edholm served as an EMT and senior mountain rescue volunteer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Search and Rescue Unit. Over the course of her career, Kri was on call 24/7/365 and participated in hundreds of training and rescue missions in Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, and Arizona.

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Kri is a keynote speaker and workshop leader. She also delivers leadership training to individuals and organizations of all sizes. Reach out to discuss details about your next leadership event.



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